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Barbara Tempalski, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Geography of Health and Disease

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Professional Research

Metropolitan Trajectories of HIV Epidemics and Responses in US Key Populations

Place characteristics & disparities in HIV in IDUs:A multilevel analysis of NHBS

Community Vulnerability and Response to Injection Drug Use-Related HIV

HIV, Injection Drug Use and Risk Environments

The Geography and Politics of Syringe Exchange Programs in the US

Reproductive Health in Nepal

Spatial Distribution of TB strains in New Jersey Counties

Low Birthweight in New York City: Using GIS to Predict Communities at Risk

Mapping and Modelling the Risk of Rat Bites in New York City

Spatial and Temporal Trends in Low Birthweight in New York City

Using GIS in UNICEF's Guinea Worm Eradication Efforts

Links of Interest

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GIS and Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Center for Drug Use and HIV Research

National Harm Reduction Coalition

International Harm Reduction Association

International Centre for Science in Drug Policy

Drug Policy Alliance Network

Stop the War on Drugs

Almanac of Policy Issues

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World Health Organization

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: National Weather Service

Personal Links

In Loving Memory of Florence Pearl Tempalski

Flo's 5th Annual Chili Cook-off: A Fundraiser for New Jersey Brain Tumor Patient Care & Family Services

Heroes of Hope: The Grey Ribbon Crusade

JFK Brain Tumor Center

National Brain Tumor Society

American Brain Tumor Association

National Cancer Institute

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